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Join our a community of recognized technology experts and students who will help you follow the trends and strategies shaping the future of work



Benefit of Becoming Luepe Hiring Partner

Expand your business placing great candidates in great roles. Luepe will help you to reach those suitable and smart people


Get Access

Becoming a hiring partner with Luepe will help you to get access very talented and good educated young people. Our students are trained by the known experts in their areas.


No Cost

Yes, there is not any cost for this service, as it is called partner, we will be partners to provide other benefits each other than the money


Get Help

When you will start working with us, we won’t only let you access our student database, we will work together with you to choose the best candidate for your needs.

How It Works?


Send us your request 


First, send your becoming a hiring partner with Luepe using the form or via e-mail.

We will contact you


Then we will contact you as soon as possible and we will sign small terms and condition


Partnership starts


That’s it, when you need a candidate for a position in your company, we will share it on our website and our premises and we will find the best match for your need together

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