Suggestions For Learners

Suggestions on skill improvement

Keep A Positive Mindset

The more desire you have to develop your skills the more capability you have to become a successful developer. Our team focuses on giving you the opportunity to grow your skills and achieve your goals.

Attend Our Valuable Classes

We offer the best and the latest courses, seminars, and workshop programs for students to have a beneficial learning experience. Our teachers and team make it easier for students to improve on their skills in our classes.

Achieve Your Career Goal

For you to be able to achieve your career goals, our company teaches you the ways to solve many different problems at different levels. Our team of professionals will always provide you with the amount of extended support when you need it.


All the programs and courses that we offer have been approved by experts. These programs and courses are designed to help and support you in the best manner. We have maintained our program’s simplicity, as well as it offers the innovative senses and helps each and every interested student to stay focused on their aim. We have divided all of our modules into different categories which are based on the current market need.

Front End Development Courses From Luepe


Speed up your career with the different front end courses we offer. There are online and classroom courses available.

Backend Development Course From Luepe


If you wish, you could also become a back-end expert. You can take advantage of the various modules that we offer which are available online and in our classrooms.

Database Courses From Luepe


You can become a database administrator within two months with intense online or classroom training.

Web Development Courses From Luepe

Web Development

By completing our 7-month course, you turn from a beginner to qualified web developer.

Digital Marketing Courses From Luepe

Digital Marketing

We have 4-month intensive courses which are available both online and in classrooms about digital marketing such as SEO, SEM, and SMM.

User Interface And User Experience Course From Luepe

UI/UX Design

Become an expert on user interface and user experience designing for web and mobile applications by attending our courses.

Mobile Android And IOS Application Course From Luepe

Mobile Application

Learn how to build and deploy mobile applications with courses from top trainers.

Language Course From Luepe


You can become a language expert in C++, Java, and Python by taking only our courses.

Cloud Server Courses Like Amazon, Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure From Luepe

Cloud Server And App

Become a cloud server expert in AWS, Digital Ocean, Azure by taking our courses that are available on it.

What type of program do we provide?


Structured Curriculum

A plan includes several courses which involves industrial objectives, content, materials and process for evaluating learning. Content is organized in specific units/sessions and managed by exoert in their fields.


Free / Premium Online Classrooms

The online classroom is an interested place where you can stay connected with other students. This helps you understand the present demand and competition of the field. You have the whole support through the exclusive learning processes offered on the online classroom programs.


Practice Facility

You are offered study material to develop your skills. The more you solve technological problems, the greater the level of skill you will have in that area.


Seminars And Workshop Program

We offer various seminars and workshop which leads students to focus more on the practical work and master their analytical as well as technical skills.


Always Up To Date

Our programs commit always be updated. Luepe instructors are chosen among the best and the one who follow the latest technologies in their area. So You always will learn the latest technolgoies and information about related field.


Get Supported

Do you need help? Do you need someone to assist you and answer your questions? The group of advisors and instructors we have are here to help you 24/7.

What are people's opinions about us?

We have gained the trust of the people


I join this program in the month of march 2019. After completing internship from here. My career is now having a new shape. and my income is double.


Full Stack Developer

Recently, I joined an online classroom for advanced web development course. It was very helpful and was a great experience.

Sonali Behal

The Luepe team is incredible. I have learned many different skills.

Sumit Bansal

I took a different pathway and today I am working as a frontend developer. My income has been doubled.

Mohit Gupta


Coding is as easier as reading, accept it!

Creating a brand new application has never been easier. All you need is a desire to learn and to create. Our expert trainers will push you and guide you throughout your experience. They will help you to gain the skills to become the master of coding. The right guidance will earn you a great amount of knowledge in a short period.

Discover Yourself


Join us right now! Take your first step to becoming a developer. We will help you to see the potential you have and get you to succeed.

Discover Yourself


Join us right now! Take your first step to becoming a developer. We will help you to see the potential you have and get you to succeed.

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